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Hi! I'm livii, and you may know me on LJ under the same name. While my LJ is completely friends-locked, I'm planning on using my Dreamwidth account to post some amount of unlocked fannish content, in an effort to engage more with fandom (Doctor Who fandom in particular).


1) I'll be cross-posting everything I post here to LJ, so if you can't/don't want to follow me here but are following me on LJ, you won't be missing anything.

2) I can't promise regular updates, but the sort of content you might find here may include episode reviews (I have 45 old skool serials left to go, for instance), EDA/PDA reviews, and maybe fic. As noted in my interests, I have other fandom interests as well, and may post about them from time to time, but not likely very often.

3) Anyone is welcome to subscribe to this journal, and I will add back, but there will be no locked content, so you won't miss anything if you don't.

4) The above said, I won't actually be reading my flist here on Dreamwidth. I am not always able to keep up with LJ as it is. I understand if you don't like this, but I figured it's better to say it up front, as I don't like false pretenses, and don't want to promise something that I realistically know I won't be able to do (and would be stressful for me). I am open to adding to my LJ flist if we get to know each other, though!

5) All of the above is subject to change as I get to know Dreamwidth better!
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